Eyeglass Warranty

We guarantee the accuracy and quality of craftsmanship of every eyewear purchase. We pride ourselves on the fact that we do not charge our customers to warranty their eyewear purchases. Instead, we pass the Manufacturer’s Warranties on to you at no additional cost.

No Refunds

Because of the custom nature of each pair of eyeglasses that we make, there are NO REFUNDS. We will remake or replace your eyewear if not completely satisfied within sixty(60) days of purchase. Please inform us if there is any difficulty with your eyewear within this period so that appropriate changes can be made.

1 Year Warranty

Should you feel your eyewear is defective, the lenses scratched excessively, or breakage occurs under normal wearing conditions, we will replace that part in question one time at no charge during the first year. Any subsequent replacements within the one(1) year period will be made at 50% of the original listed lens price.

Progressive and Bifocal

If you are not completely satisfied with your new progressive bifocal within sixty days we will replace them with the standard flat top bifocal or single vision at no additional charge (there is no refund for any price differential).


All non-prescription eyewear is exchangeable within seven (7) days from pickup. Items returned for exchange must be in sellable condition and returned with case.

*You may have a warranty from your vision insurance carrier which may supersede this warranty.